The Trumpening

Matt Taibbi owns the crossroads of brilliant observational skill and entertaining writing.

R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party

Trump and Sanders are a lead pipe to the head and a boot to the pink squishy bits of the uni-party DC Elites.

I just wish Bernie had been able to Bern it all down, man, and then we would have seen the first substantive political discussion in my lifetime between two major party candidates and perhaps the most fluid electorate in my lifetime as well…

As it stands,  we will be subjected to daily dumps of toxic oppo research and it will be mudballs and flamethrowers from now to November…



Left-Right Whale Blubber

Why Hitchens up on my masthead?  Because he was a free man, like Eric Blair before him.  Few of us have the courage to face unpleasant facts.

‘Facing it — ’ as Captain MacWhirr says so memorably in Joseph Conrad’s ‘Typhoon’,‘always facing it — that’s the way to get through.’

‘I knew,’ said Orwell in 1946 about his early youth, ‘that I had a facility with words and a power of facing unpleasant facts.’ Not the ability to face them, you notice, but ‘a power of facing’. It’s oddly well put.

A commissar who realizes that his five-year plan is off-target and that the people detest him or laugh at him may be said, in a base manner, to be confronting an unpleasant fact. So, for that matter, may a priest with ‘doubts’. The reaction of such people to unpleasant facts is rarely self-critical; they do not have the ‘power of facing’. Their confrontation with the fact takes the form of an evasion; the re-action to the unpleasant discovery is a re-doubling of efforts to overcome the obvious.

The ‘unpleasant facts’ that Orwell faced were usually the ones that put his own position or preference to the test.  (Christopher Hitchens – Why Orwell Matters)



I love freedom; even when exercised by people who bug me.


The whole duty of man consists in being reasonable and just… I am reasonable because I know the difference between understanding and not understanding and I am just because I have no opinion about things I don’t understand.— Gertrude Stein